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1944 Kubelwagon

Price: $25,000.00

Listing Contact:

Dan and Natasha Glasser
Location: 3401 US Highway 29


Now you can have your own piece of WWII history with the restoriable 1944 "German Jeep" known as the Type 82 Kubelwagon.

Vehicle is about 90% complete and all orginial. Parts can be obtained through sourse on The Old Car Guys website.

Check out the picture or car the owners for questions

Vehicle is being sold by:

American Armoured Foundation, Inc.
3401 US Highway 29,
Danville, VA  24540
Call:434-836-5323  FAX: 434-836-3532

Manufacturer Volkswagenwerk GmbH
Also called Safari, "Bucket/Tub Car"
Production 50,435 (1940–45)
Assembly Stadt des KDF-Wagens, today Wolfsburg
Designer Ferdinand Porsche
Body and chassis
Class Military vehicle
Body style 4-door utility roadster
Layout RR layout
Platform VW Type 1 Kdf-Wagen
Related VW 166 Schwimmwagen
VW 276 Schlepperfahrzeug
Engine air-cooled flat-4,
985 cc (23.5 bhp (17.5 kW))/
1,131 cc (25 bhp (19 kW))
Transmission 4-speed manual;
self-locking differential
Wheelbase 240 cm (94 in)
Length 374 cm (147 in)
Width 160 cm (63 in)
Height 165 cm (65 in) (top up);
111 cm (44 in) collapsible
Curb weight 715 kg (1,576 lb) (GVW 1,160 kg)
Predecessor Volkswagen Schwimmwagen
Successor Volkswagen 181/Kurierwagen/Thing/Trekker