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CJ Pony Parts is proud to celebrate our 30th year in business, making us one of the oldest Mustang parts retailers worldwide! Our two facilities sit on a 7-acre campus, with a combined 63,000 square feet of office & warehouse space to house our over 50,000 product offerings for all years of Mustang and EcoBoost Ford vehicles.


Our 100+ employees work to ensure our global customer base gets the best quality and service at any time, day or night. Our ongoing mission: The improvement of the Mustang & EcoBoost communities’ ability to enjoy their hobby with an easy-to-use and function-rich website, backed by some of the best professional automotive enthusiasts in the business!


Founded in 1985 by two friends and their passion for cool cars to drive to school, CJ Pony Parts is, at its roots, about the love of the automotive restoration and performance hobby. We continue that tradition today by giving our customers the widest selection of OEM, NOS and aftermarket products available, ensuring they can make their Mustang, Focus ST, Fiesta ST, Bronco, F-150, F-100, Chevy Truck, Dodge Truck or Toyota Truck into their dream vehicle. With that, we continue to provide detailed instructions, resource center articles and how-to videos on many of our parts, giving our customers as much information as possible and ensuring an easy installation or repair.

The CJ Pony Parts store and warehouse in Harrisburg, PA



CJ Pony Parts has always remained inside the Central Pennsylvania area. Since our humble beginnings in a 10’ x 10’ barn space, CJ Pony Parts has continued to change location as more space was needed to house more parts and employees. Our current location at 7461 Allentown Boulevard, in Harrisburg Pennsylvania, is actually a combination of our most recent two buildings.


Our 19,000 square foot facility was the original building on the property in 1999, and housed our entire company until late 2007, when our current 44,000 square foot building was constructed next door. Today, we operate out of both buildings, utilizing all the available space for our growing inventory and staff. We keep it all close by, housing our entire call-center and marketing staff on-site, as well as a video studio, photography studio and fully functional automotive service garage.




CJ Pony Parts strives to be the best in everything that we do. Nowhere else is that more apparent than on our state-of-the-art website. offers the same robust features found on big-name retail sites to give customers in the automotive community the same easy and immersive shopping experience.


You can chat with a live customer service representative, track orders from your account in real-time, see inventory availability and use loyalty rewards to save on your orders. Our site also boasts an adaptive format that changes the look and feel of the website to fit the screen you are using, so you are never fumbling through a fixed format that is too big on your mobile device or too simple on your desktop computer.




Continue to look out for big things coming from CJ Pony Parts in the future. We will always build upon our mission statement and bring our patrons the best product offerings, customer support and features that you would expect from a 30-year company.