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1963 Plymouth Belvedere 2 Dr Hardtop Parts Car

Listing Information:

Year: 1963

Make: Plymouth

Make: Belvedere

Exterior: rust on white

Interior: torn up

Transmission: none

Mileage: Unkown

Listing Contact:

jim or Dave
Location: st louis, mo 6365024, US

Request Info:


1963 Plymouth Belvedere Door Hardtop



Schollmeyer Auto Salvage
5047 Highway 100,
Chamois, MO 65024
(573) 763-5352


No engine Transmission or rear end

Parts car with title

Has windshield

Rough could be restored or turned into a race car


Fifth generation
2-door hardtop coupe B-body

The 1962 model year full-size Plymouths were “downsized” make their smaller and lighter body  a favorite in drag racing.  The 1963 and 1964 models used the same unibody platform as the 1962s, but were restyled to look longer and wider.

The 1964 Belvedere was also the car used to introduce the 426 Chrysler Hemi engine. These Hemi-equipped Plymouth Belvederes won first, second, and third at NASCAR’s 1964 Daytona race. One of the winning drivers was Richard Petty