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1969 Cadillac DeVille

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Price: $7800.00

Listing Information:

Year: 1969

Make: , C, c, , , t, , , , r

Make: DeVille

Exterior: Black

Interior: Black

Transmission: AT

Mileage: 74000

Listing Contact:

Fenton Auto Salvage
Location: fenton, MO 63051, US

Request Info:


    1969 Cadillac DeVille
    The DeVille was Cadillac's bestselling model for 1969 with record sales of 72,958. The best for a single Cadillac.

    Car has been keep in a garage for most of the last 20 years

    The De Ville is powered by a 472 CID V-8 Equipped with 10.5-1 Compression Ratio heads and a Rochester 4V Quadrajet Carburetor. Giving it 375 HP, this car only has 74,000 original miles on it and runs great and doesn't show any leaks or indication of oil use.

    The transmission is a very reliable Turo Hydra-Matic three speed. Rear axle radio is 2.94.

    Brakes are: Power Front Disc/Rear Finned Drum (Dual system)
    All the glass in the car is in excellent condition
    All Gages and radio are working
    Car has a working heater.
    Not sure if the A/C if working
    Body is in excellent condition. (see the pictures).  All most rust free. Car was dirty at the time I took the pictures. Vinyl top is in good condition. I found one tiny hole on it (see picture). I detected no rust under the top.
    Front seat is in bad condition. The back seat looked good.
    Headliner, door panels’ and dash looked to be in very good condition
    I couldn’t get into the trunk
    Chrome is in excellent condition. No rust or scratches

    I used the 2018 edition of Collector Car Price Guild to determine the price. Below are the listed values of 1969 Cadillac Deville’s based on condition. I rate the vehicle between a 3 and 4.

    Owner is asking $7800.

    5 2,900