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1978 MGB Roadster Project

Listing Information:

Year: 1978

Make: MGB

Make: B Roadster

Exterior: Maroon

Interior: black

Transmission: 4 speed

Mileage: 58,000

Listing Contact:

David Brill
Location: Durham, CT 06422, USA


1978 MG B Roadster Project


David Brill



1978 MGB Roadster.

The story on this little British sports car reads like this:

Car is purchased and enjoyed by previous owner. For whatever reason it is parked behind the house. Owner sells the house and says the MG can go with it. The new owner happens to be an auto body teacher at a local tech school. With intentions to take the little car and fix her up, he moves the car into his garage…where she sits for over 20 years, watching two Corvettes and several other cars get restored/repainted/etc. As the other cars take precedence, several years ago, she was moved out to the car port off the side of the garage.

Realizing that other projects and work and family life will keep this little British car from getting completed in his hands, he decided it’s time to let her go to someone who will do what it takes to bring her back.

As a 78, she has the 1275 engine and the single Zenith/Stromberg carb., the smog pump still intact. The engine turns freely and will start and run with an alternate fuel source. The tank is need of a flush and seal and the lines will need to be replaced. The car has 58,000 miles on the clock.

The car is rather dusty/dirty from sitting in both the garage and in the car port, however, the interior is in very drivable condition under the dirt. The brakes are frozen and both fenders and both doglegs have the requisite rust. HOWEVER… The castle rails and sills and floors are solid. There is one small hole where the floor meets the firewall on the left side. The top is usable but will leak if used in the rain.

My prognosis of this LBC is that she can be up and running with a little work, driving with a little more. She certainly won’t be pretty but you can be cruising in a little MG, enjoying the ride while moving her on to the next levels. With the floors, castle rails and sills being in good shape, she is still structurally sound.

Yes, the made nearly a million MGB’s, so there are a lot of them out there, however, we’d like to save this one as opposed to having her dumped.

You can get into the Little British Car world for under $1000.
Interested? Contact me.