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1985 Ford Ranger 4cyl 4×4 manual transmission

Listing Information:

Year: 1985

Make: Ford

Make: Ranger

Exterior: red and black

Interior: red

Transmission: Manual

Mileage: 80,xxx

Listing Contact:

Kyle Lee
Location: st louis, MO 63139, US

Request Info:


1985 Ford Ranger 4 cyl 4×4 manual transmission



Kyle Lee
Phone: 314-252-0206

City: Saint Louis, MO 63130



Hi this is my Ranger. I bought it from the guy who bought it from the original owner. Odometer reads under 80k and all parts are original motorcraft except the alternator.

The brake line is rusted to the rear brakes and does not hold fluid. The fuel tank has a hole in it at the 2 gallon marker and will not hold more than that.The heater box has a hole in it from catching fire last spring.

The engine is leaking from the front and rear main seals, drops about a half quart per month with regular use. Firestone r/t tires are under 1000 miles old.
Truck drives but needs some repairs before getting registered.