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64 Plymouth sport fury

Listing Information:

Year: 1964

Make: Plymouth

Make: sport fury

Transmission: 4 SPEED

Mileage: Unknown

Listing Contact:

William lantis
Location: Stockbridge, , MI 49285, United States

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64 Plymouth sport fury


William Lantis
Phone: 517-896-3902

Stockbridge, MI 49285



Car has been completely stripped. Was a 361 bucket seat car. Now has 4 speed peddles in it. Needs drivers upper cowl repair. Lower looks good.

Quarters need some repair but I have set of AMD that go with it. Along with the cowl part.
I have glass couple grills 2 pair of doors set of fenders 2-3 each if hoods and deck lids all rust free.
Enough trim for 3 cars.

And push button small block trans along with a 4 speed. Clear mi title

Located in Stockbridge, Mi