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Two 1955 Fords One Is A Crown Vic

Price: $3500.00

Listing Information:

Year: 1955

Make: Ford

Make: Crown Victoria

Transmission: AT

Mileage: Unkown

Listing Contact:

Location: Linn, MO Linn, MO US

Request Info:


Two 55 Fords for sale

Asking $3500.00
Jim or Dave at 573-763-5352


This is a two for deal. Both 55 Fords one Crown Victor

These cars have been sitting in a Missouri Salvage Yard for over 20 years along with 8,000 other oldies. You can check some of the parts cars under the Schollmeyer’s listing in the Salvage Yard section of

Original engine most likely 292  V8 engine with a 2 barrel Carb. Engines are complete but the condition is unknown.
Automatic Transmission
Car is rough but could be restored or used as a donor for another project


These are the only pictures I have. Car is to close to the others to take more and you never know what’s living under the seats.

Car can be seen at Schollmeyer’s Auto Salvage near Linn, MO


Asking $3500.00
Jim or Dave at 573-763-5352