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Bio-Shocker™ products from Biocide Systems™

    I found this outfit on one of our affiliate sites. Seeing their ad caused me to remember a story I heard many years ago about a  Corvette for sale for $200. The reason the price was so low was because they couldn’t get the smell of the rotting corpse of the owner out […]


Hot Shot’s Secret – High Performance Additives

Hot Shot’s Secret – High Performance Additives     This looks like a good product for you diesel dudes. They claim it will save you fuel cost and boost your power or your money back.   I’m reading a lot of good reviews for this stuff on the car and truck sites Let me know […]


Chemical Guys

I saw this product advertised in a couple of magazine ads and a TV show or two and decided it might be a product worth letting you know about. I haven’t tried it myself so I can’t tell you much about it except that it’s environmentally safe and that’s always a good thing. Let me […]


Heller-Keatt Oil

          Oils & Lubricants for Industrial, Automotive, Diesel and Aviation