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Retro Radio Restoration


Mike or Christine Frenchek
524 Ridge Road
Elizabethtown, PA 17022


Any automobile radio from 1932 to 1982 can be (1) restored to the original manufacturer’s specifications, or (2) converted to AM/FM digital with plug in jacks to receive satellite radio, MP3, ipod or any other pluggable source of sound.

What you choose depends on the kind of sound you want to have. At Retro Radio, we serve to meet your audio needs while keeping the original look of the automobile radio. For more information click on one of the links below.

On some rare radios, we make new replacement parts for the more difficult to find pieces, such as 1938 Buick dial gears, 1940 Cadillac push buttons and thumb wheels, Ford tuning shafts and other specialty items. We have a small, fully-equipped machine shop that enables us to make some hard to find items.

Check with the old car guys salvage yards for hard to find working or parts radios



During a restoration, we:

Replace the parts that normally go bad over time, i.e. the, paper capacitors, resistors, filter caps etc.
Replace the rectifier with a solid state rectifier
Replace the vibrator with a solid state unit
Polish up the buttons, knobs, and face
Paint the dial indicator if it is faded
Bead blast or paint the case when necessary
Replace dial light bulbs