Salvage Yards

Salvage Yards


Jimmy’s Place

Near Rolla, MO

Jimmy will ship or you can visit his place by appointment 



2000 plus car and trucks

Older Hemi engines, 331 Chryslers and 330 DeSotos. Maybe 345/354s. Other smaller Hemis

1960-64 Ford Galaxy some with 390 engines 

Hundreds of car radios and clocks

194x Studebaker dump truck

Old DeSotos 

49-56 Fords some with V8 Flatheads

1958 and 59 Edsels including Station Wagons 

Hundreds of original radiators and heaters

Dozens of restorable cars

1958 Ford Police car

1960s Cadillac Hearses

1958 Cadillac hearse

1937 Plymouth  four door

1942 Ford restorable

Six Oldsmobile Toronados

ten or more 1960s Lincolns

1950s Pontiacs and Buicks

Mid 50 Olds

1960s Buick Riviera, boat tail

1959-63 Chrysler Imperials with 413 engines and transmissions

1942 Ford owned by a Government Scientist 

Early 1950 Ford with flathead and Y engines

1960s Mopars with 383s, 440s and 413s engines

Late 50s and 60s Fords Most complete

1964-67 Barracudas 

1958 Chevys

Some tri-five Chevys

IH Scouts some that drive

Early 1950s Bathtub Nash

Mid to late 60s Mopar Convertibles



1942 Ford

1950s Ford Flatheads and early Y motors


1958/49 Pickup truck

194x Studebaker Dump Truck with engine and radiator

1959-63 Mercutys

Old Hemi engines
Desoto Hemi

1920s Ford

1959 Edsel Station Wagon
1958 Edsel Station Wagon

11950s hearse

1960s Lincolns

Nash Bathtub

1959 chrysler imperial
1959 chrysler imperial

1959 chrysler imperial

IH Scouts some drivable

58 Edsel with engine and transmision

1958 Chevys

Desoto Hemi