Salvage Yards

Salvage Yards


James Place


Jim asked me not to give an exact location because of poachers.

Something about the dog digging up the bodies and caring off the bone to the neighbors


Call for an appointment or for a part


James will ship 


Jim has a few doven old parts cars trucks and vans around his farm that he would like to part out or sell whole. If you see one you like give him a call

58 Chevys

70-80 Vans and Pickups

1950 Ford pickup with flathead six

A lot of 60s and 70 AMC/Rambler cars 

AMC Gremlin 

A few 70s Mopars 

Late 60s-70s Buicks

60-70s Chevys

60-70 Ford

66 T-Bird w/390

60-70s Buicks

60-70 Pontiacs


60-70 Mopars

some 60s Olds