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A Lot of 20 Vehicles and parts

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Make: Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Ford, Dodge, Oldsmobile, Volkswagen

Make: Lot of 20 vehicles

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Location: St louis, MO 63139, United States

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    22,000. OBO

    Years run from 1950s to the  80’s

    Vehicles are located in St Louis Mo in a 10,000 squire foot warehouse that is falling in on the vehicles. The new owner of the building needs to sell the all the vehicles to fund the start of a rehab of the building for a non-profit service enterprise

    Call Tai to make your deal 314-494-4987


    These vehicles are from the collection of a retired business man who bought the building and started buying and storing  the vehicles 15-25 years ago. The good news is that all of them were driven into the building. The bad news is, they have been setting in the warehouse all that time as the building  deteriorated taking the cars with it. Some of the vehicles were parked directly under the hole in the roof and show the wear from the elements. Others were off to the side with the windows up and hoods closed and aren’t in too bad of shape. One had part of a wall collapse on it.


    If these vehicles where on a farm they would be a true barn find but sense they’re in the middle of St Louis I guess we can call them a true garage find. 


    Vehicles are for sale as is with no warranty or guaranty that they will start and/or run

    Removal of all the vehicles and parts must be done at time of sale or with an agreement with seller


    All vehicles have clear Missouri titles and keys


    All picture of the cars are posted. I shot pictures of vehicles on two different occasions so check out all the pictures if your interested them

    The Old Car Guys will take more pictures for a serious buyer for a small fee refunded at time of sale.


    List of vehicles

    1980 Firebird $800.

    1988 Oldsmobile Cabais $500.

    1980 Eldorado $1100.

    1985 Chevy custom Van $1100.

    1986 VW Golf GC $700.

    1980 Chevy Chevette with beefed up 350 and AT. $700.

    1975 Datsun pickup with 350 Chevy engine with water in the crank case.


    1970 Chevy Nova w/6 cylinder $500.

    1976 Firebird $900.

    1979 Nova $400.

    1950 Chevy Fleetline $2300.

    1983 Oldsmobile Toronado $800.

    1976 Ford $800.

    1968 Dodge Polara $900.

    1972 Nova $400.

    1957 Chevy pickup side step w/235 rust bucket $2100.

    1954 Chevy Belair $2500.

    1964 Buick Riviera $1700.

    1968 Delta 88 w/455 $1500.

    1967 Oldsmobile Cutlass $2800.

    235 Chevy engine w/3 speed transmission $400.

    Other engine make and size not established

    Mid 60s Big block Hemi engine condition unknown SOLD

    40 or more wheel covers and wire wheels