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About Gun Storage Solutions – How We are Changing the Gun Safe Industry

Our Mission is to help you develop a safe, usable, maximized storage space for your gun collection.


Here at Gun Storage Solutions we are creating products that help you to organize and store more guns. As a result, your guns and other items are more protected in your gun safe or firearms display cabinets. Traditional gun safe interiors are poorly designed, because they inherently waste space by leaning guns.


Consequently, our products serve to utilize this wasted space, helping even the smallest areas store more guns. With versatility as a priority, our products can retrofit any gun safe, display cabinet or vault room. Just imagine your gun storage space with more guns, easier accessibility and greater functionality. In Summary, we are here to provide you with the best, most practical storage space for your gun collection.



Slatwall Gun Displays

http://Gun Storage Solutions


For nearly 20 years, Gun Storage Solutions founder Kevin Kinsella sold gun safes. He was often confronted with dissatisfied customers, having discovered far less storage capacity in the safes that they had purchased. Kevin was aware that this was a common, often over looked, theme in the gun safe industry. Knowing this, he took it upon himself to create a more versatile and higher capacity interior for gun safes.


This endeavor created Rifle Rods and Handgun Hangers, two of the most innovative gun storage products ever seen in the gun safe industry. Kevin then quickly took them on the road to the place with the most honest feedback – gun shows. Consequently, the success of Gun Storage Solutions products comes from those customers and their feedback, evolving the products into what they are today.


As popularity and demand increased Gun Storage Solutions branched out to gun shops in 2011 to provide solutions to purveyors of large quantities of firearms with our Gun Display Products line.


Gun Storage Solutions has been granted two US Patents for its firearm storage and display concepts.

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