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Welcome To Practical Preppers

For over 10 years, Practical Preppers has been providing off-grid living solutions to families everywhere. Our passion is to help others establish their off-grid “oasis” that they can depend on and thrive in even during a disaster or emergency. In addition to consultations and installations, we also offer an online store that is a one-stop-stop for independent living. So whether you are preparing ahead for emergencies, living in a remote area, or just pursuing a more sustainable lifestyle in general, Practical Preppers is where you need to be!


Our Services

Our services have helped thousands of families achieve their dreams of an independent, off-grid lifestyle. We offer one-on-one consultations, installations, and support in the following areas:


  • Solar – grid-tie, hybrid, and off-grid solar systems. Full home systems or stand-alone systems such as solar air conditioning. We also offer designs and support to DIY solar customers. Learn more

  • Water – Off-grid water systems for well pumps, home delivery, irrigation, livestock watering, aeration and more. Learn more

  • Shelters – Off-grid infrastructure planning and implementation for your shelter or retreat. Learn more

  • General Prepping – One-on-one consultations to ensure that your family/group is fully prepared in every essential area to survive and thrive in an emergency situation. Learn more 


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