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1948 Dodge B1B Panel Truck project

Price: $8000.00

Listing Information:

Year: 1948

Make: B1B panel

Exterior: Green

Interior: Included

Transmission: Missing

Mileage: O

Listing Contact:

Waldo Carlini
Location: Atlanta, Ga 30328, Usa

Request Info:


    The ultimate work truck.

    A 1948 Dodge B1B panel truck.  The drive train is gone, used during a restoration of a pickup, but this panel truck body is in decent condition.  When put into storage, the majority of the wheel well rust was cut away, slowing the cancerous spread.  The roof is beautifully rounded, never been jumped on, and there is no rust in the drip rails. The 3 piece hood is intact as is the grill.  I  have the inner fenders, but, the fenders for this truck went with the drive train to the pickup. Fiberglass replacement front fenders are available.

    On a 1-10 scale of restorative bones, I will say it is a good 6, but I had a different idea.

    Second generation Dakota pickup trucks have the same wheelbase and the same wheel width as the panel truck.  Any or all of the Dakota could be repurposed.

    My thoughts for the project are to cut the Dakota at the A-pillars and behind the seat.  This leaves the Dakota dashboard and implementation in place and even AC.

    The rear floor of the panel is damaged. The original wheel wells succumbed to rust.  Steel fenders for a trailer would be easiest to fit and the truck body trimmed and welded to accommodate them.

    The ride height of the panel truck would be determined by how it sits with the Dakota dashboard. The rear floor can be set to chassis height and trimmed and welded to the interior walls.

    As a bonus with the purchase of the panel truck is a 1996 Dodge Dakota Sport.  It is complete and was driven to its parking space.  V6 engine and automatic transmission.  The Dakota has terminal cancer, chemotherapy didn’t help, but it has included being an organ donor in its last will and testament.

    You can have the coolest SUV on the block.

    I have the title for the Dakota.  I also have a 1948 Georgia license plate.