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1955 Packard Caribbean Convertible

Clearance Sale

Listing Information:

Make: Packard

Make: Caribbean Convertible

Interior: Leather

Transmission: Ultramatic

Mileage: 85000

Listing Contact:

Edward Horner
Location: Adrian,, MO 64720, USA

Request Info:


    1955 Packard Caribbean Convertible



    Phone: 816-738-3597

     Adrian, Missouri 64720

    Transmission: Ultramatic
    Mileage: 85000


    Condition: 1



    This is one of only 500 of these cars made according to the Packard Club registry there are only 150 left in existence.


    The only reason we are selling this one is because we have one just like it and another that is the same but different color combination.

    This car was fully restored in 1980 frame off has been garage kept and driven annually.


    Paint and body was completely redone three years ago due to age of paint.


    Car is very near a 100 point car needs a few small details to take many car shows.


    If you would like to know any other info or questions please call Ed anytime at 816-738-3497.

    Thank you for looking and considering our old car.








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