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1957 Chevy Pickup

Listing Information:

Make: Chevrolet

Make: pickup

Exterior: Blue

Interior: Black

Transmission: Standard

VIN: Has plate

Listing Contact:

Don L Jones
Location: St louis, St louis, 63139, St louis, St louis, 63139,

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    1957 Chevy Pickup truck (No Title


    Located in St Louis on the Hill

    Has TITLE and VIN Plate

    It’s a rust bucket. Most of the sheet metal if rusted to junk. The trim is there’s and the hood look salvageable. Most of the heavy metal look salvageable. I took the valve cove off the engine and found the top in clean. There is clean oil in the pan an antifreeze in the block. I think this engine could be ran, I has a standard transmission.

     Cab may be restorable

    235 Engine with orginal floor activated starter button

    Three speed Transmission

    All the dash parts

    Gas tank

    Some grill pieces are in fair shap

    Bumpers are straight

    Hood id useable

    Straight axle

    Mag style wheels, six lug.

    No tailgate

    Have all of the cab trim


    img_0412 1957 Chevy Parts Truck