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1958 Desoto Firesweep. Two Door Had Top

Listing Information:

Year: 1958

Make: desoto

Make: firesweep

Exterior: white

Interior: torn up

Transmission: at

Mileage: Unkown

Listing Contact:

Dave or Jim
Location: st louis, mo 63139, US

Request Info:


    1958 Desoto Firesweep, Two Door Had Top




    Schollmeyer Auto Salvage
    5047 Highway 100,
    Chamois, MO 65024
    (573) 763-5352




    Has non running engine and AT

    350 engine NOT A HEMI CAR ( 349.98 cu. in.)

    Compression Ratio-Std  10.0 to 1

    Brake Horsepower 280@4600 Torque 380@2400

    Main Bearings 5

    Valve Lifters Hydraulic

    Engine Numbers L350-1001 and up

    Engine No. Location On top front of block near water outlet.

    Has radiator

    Most glass is in good condition

    Seats or torn up but all there

    Dash looked ok Car was lock so I couldn’t that better pictures of interior


    The Firesweep was a lower-priced entry which combined a Dodge shell and chassis with a DeSoto bumper and grill. 1957 models were sold only as imports in Canada. While the Firesweep featured DeSoto’s signature tailfins, the front clip (the front section, forward of the firewall) was based on the Dodge Coronet. The most telling feature was the headlight design, housed under heavily chromed lids typical of Dodge. Firesweep grilles were similar to those on other contemporary DeSoto models.


    The Firesweep could seat six passengers.   The convertible model was added for 1958.[1] Depending on the body style, Firesweeps weighed between 3,660 and 3,980 lb .


    The base price of the Firesweep (1957) was US$3,169 and it was offered in one and two-tone exterior finishes. Features included power steering, power brakes, dashboard clock, push-button radio and whitewall tire