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1960 Edsel Ranger Convertible

Listing Information:

Make: Ford

Make: Edsel Ranger Convertible

Listing Contact:

Doug Mischlic
Location: Linn, Linn, Linn, Linn, USA


1960 Edsel Ranger Convertible

Call for Price (it’s not cheap)


We were asked to list this car by one of our client shops so you will have to call the owner of the car for information and pricing. I have very little details on the build list.

Car is one of approximately 25 surviving 76 Ranger convertibles built in 1960.  I believe its number 43. The car went through a two-year long restoration that was finished last year right before the late owner passed away. The car is in storage at the restoration shop in Mid Missouri and we are listing it as a courtesy.

The engine was replaced with a 390 T-Bird engine because the original engine was lost.

The estate can provide you with the details

Doug Mischlic, The late owner’s son