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1964 Ford F100 Custom Cab

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Listing Information:

Year: 1964

Make: Ford

Make: F100 Custom Cab

Exterior: Caribbean Turquoise and white

Interior: Caribbean Turquoise and white

Transmission: 3 speed

Mileage: 28000

Listing Contact:

Bill Brill
Location: Middletown, CT 06457, CT 06457, United States

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    1964 Ford F100 Custom Cab


    David Brill
    Phone: 860-398-1732

    Middletown, CT 06457

    F100 Custom Cab
    Interior: Caribbean Turquoise and white
    Exterior: Caribbean Turquoise and White
    Transmission: 3 speed Manual
    Mileage: 28000



    This truck was originally purchased in the Dallas TX area, where it was also assembled, and spent most of it’s life in Leander TX. In the early 2000’s the owner (who is believed to be the second owner), moved to Oregon. The third owner purchased the truck via an estate sale/auction, cleaned her up and promptly listed her on EBay, where the current owner purchased her in 2012.


    He quickly got to working on the truck and and all within the last 5000 miles and roughly 5 years the original 292 Y block V8 has been completely rebuilt; the 3 on the tree, manual transmission was rebuilt; new springs and shocks installed; new radiator installed; new carb; completely new exhaust, including brand new ramhorn exhaust manifolds; new fuel tank and sending unit; new tie rods and draglink, with alignment; new vinyl floor mat with Dynamat installed; Yokohama Geolandar H/T-S tires, new seat belts; MSD distributor; new pinion seal and door and window seals.

    The truck was repainted not long before this owner purchased her. The paint is in very good nick, despite a few nicks and chips.. she polished up very nicely… enough so that she took a trophy in her first car show.


    The truck is a.. truck. It does NOT have power steering or power brakes. It DOES have working heat and defrost and electric wipers! The bench seat may have been recovered but not by this owner. All lights and electrics work. The truck starts right up and runs and drives beautifully (for a 1964 truck).
    The current owner has used it as a truck and even hauled stuff to the dump with her, hence the ply wood in the bed, to protect the paint.


    There is no rust through anywhere on the truck and less surface rust than would be expected on the frame and undercarriage of a 55 year old truck.
    The Caribbean Turquoise with Wimbledon White with just a couple of touches of red really make this truck pop in a great 50’s/60’s way.
    Unfortunately, the current owner’s health has kept him from driving the truck as much as he would like recently and he feels things aren’t going to suddenly get better, so instead of keeping a truck around and letting it derogate from non-use, he has decided to get her sold.


    This truck is a great driver and at local shows she may even capture an award or two.
    Totally turn key and ready to enjoy.
    Only 28,000 miles.
    Any questions, to schedule a time to see her in person, for many more photos or to make an offer, please don’t hesitate to contact me.
    Asking price is $21,000
    Thank you for the interest.