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1967 Chevrolet RS Camaro

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Listing Information:

Year: 1967

Make: Chevrolet

Make: Camaro

Exterior: Butternut Yellow

Interior: Black

Transmission: Auto

Mileage: 90,000

Listing Contact:

Location: Norwalk, , Connecticut Norwalk, , Connecticut Norwalk, , Connecticut Norwalk, , Connecticut



1967 Chevrolet RS Camaro

Fully Restored

Norwalk, Connecticut


Posted for Classic ID # CC-1515964

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Built in the Norwood, OH plant it migrated east pretty quickly, spending most of it’s time here in the Northeast, the last 15 or so years in CT with the same owner.

When he purchased the car, it had the original engine, was painted in it’s original Butternut Yellow color scheme but did not have the vinyl roof as it left the factory. The owner is fastidious about his cars and he quickly set out to restore this one.

The car was stripped down to bare metal. There were no metal issues so it was treated and painted in the original color, but he put the black vinyl top back on her.

He was also looking for a little more grunt so he sourced a period correct 350/350 V8, had it rebuilt and dropped that in behind the 2 speed Powerglide auto transmission, which puts the power back to a 10 bolt Chevy rear. This is an early car and does not have the traction bar or even the mount on the rear axle. The original 327 was rebuilt and will go with the car. Although the VIN is not visible, the date code is for May 5th which jives with the build date.

The 350 has dual exhaust routed through the stock manifolds however, the engine was built with some beefier parts including a taller cam, as evidenced by the lopey idle.

Most of the interior was in very nice shape so it was cleaned up and made to look even better, what wasn’t, was replaced. The place that did the paint happened to have a 67 SS parts car and the hood and spoiler came from that, as he liked the looks over the stock RS set up. A gauge set from that parts car was also sourced and dropped onto it’s stock location on the console.

The RPO codes that show are E- Tinted glass, 2M-the Powerglide trans, 2G-Console (which has the 3 speed numbers..?), 2E-Air Conditioning, 3L-the Rally Sport pkg and a 2S-rear antenna. This car also features power steering and power drum brakes, not listed on the RPO codes. She rides on new Coker manufactured, Redline, Firestone, D70-14 Wide Oval Super Sport Bias Ply tires.They’re a little squidgy compared to radials and they squeal with pain (or is it pleasure) when you jump on the gas, or brakes.

The car is completely rust free and as close to a #1 car as you can get, with only a couple of minor flaws throughout the entire car. One very small crack in the paint on the passenger fender near the emblem and another where the trunk lid meets the rear valance. Just days before I did the photoshoot, a mouse ate a hole in the headliner and the owner is getting this fixed.

All the gauges work, all the lights and wipers, horn, etc. The light doors squeak a bit but the owner is going to grease them. They operate correctly.

The car runs and drives very strong and I wouldn’t hesitate to hop in take her for a very long drive. The odometer shows 90K miles but the rebuilt engine, and the rest of the car, only has a few thousand.

Definitely a show car, that the owner has enjoyed driving over the years. He’s decided it’s time to thin down the herd and this is the first that will be headed to a new home.

Bring her to yours for $48,000

Any questions, for many more photos and video, to schedule a time to meet her in person or to make an offer, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Thank you for the interest.