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1973 Dodge Dart

Listing Information:

Year: 1972

Make: Dodge

Make: Dart

Exterior: yellow

Interior: black

Transmission: at

Mileage: Unkown

Listing Contact:

Location: catawissa, mo 63015, US

Request Info:


    1972 Dodge Dart 2 door Hard Top Roller 1500.

    Clay and Sons

    Call Clayton 314-578-7866

    The interior of this car alone is worth $1500.


    Good glass

    straight bumpers


    The 1972 Dart noticed slight changes to the revised grill, now without a central divider, and new surface-mounted side marker lights.

    The Demon had new fender-mounted metal “Demon” badges instead of the devil emblem, and the “Demon” decal on the rear of the car was replaced with “Dodge” and “Dart.” Some Demons, however, retained the tape devil character on the side and rear panel tape stripes. I don’t think this is a demon.

    The major difference for the Demon was that now the 340 was rated at 240 NET horsepower rather than 275 gross horsepower.