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72 HR Emergency Kits


72 Hour Food Supply – 4 Person

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25-year shelf life emergency food intended for 4 people.

Within this 72 Hour Kit are individually packed entrees that contain nutritious ingredients such as rice, dehydrated vegetables, and delicious dry soup mix flavoring. Along with these delicious emergency food items is Morning Moo’s® Low Fat Milk Alternative, a tasty powdered milk drink. All meals are easy to prepare—just add the indicated amount of water and simmer a few minutes.

This 72-hour food kit is designed to provide four individuals with 2,230 calories each day for 3 days. It can also be used by one individual for 12 days. All emergency food pouches are sealed inside an easy-to-transport 4 gallon pail.


Deluxe 72 Hour Emergency Survival Kit – 1 Person


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$83.00 $69.00

The Deluxe 72 Hour Emergency Survival Kit provides one person with complete 72-hour emergency preparedness.

Sleep better tonight knowing you’re prepared for any emergency. The Department of Homeland Security recommends that everyone have an emergency kit on hand.

Our Deluxe 72 Hour Emergency Survival Kit has everything recommended by the Department of Homeland Security and more!  Housed in an easy-to-see bright red backpack, the Deluxe 72 Hour Emergency Survival Kit (a complete 3-day supply) contains food, water, light, first aid supplies, tools and protection against the harsh elements of weather and particulate contaminants.





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American Family Safety Offers Quality Survival Kits For Your Protection

Here in America, we help our neighbors, our friends and – of course – our families, in the face of adversity. But in recent years, it seems as though the challenges are confronting us more and more frequently. Hurricanes, floods, forest fires. Tornadoes and mud slides. Terrorism, and even the threat of nuclear attack. Once these problems arise, it’s often too late to take the precautions you need to keep your family safe. Fortunately, there is a family-owned company that has dedicated itself for three generations to sharing these values.

American Family Safety offers Preparedness and Survival Kits for you to deal with virtually any adverse situation, tailored to specific emergencies. Whether the event occurs while you’re at home, at work, at school or in transit, you and your family will have customized Kits readily available that contain the food, water, clothing, lighting, warmth and other essential supplies you may wish to include. These supplies are recommended by the National Coast Guard and FEMA. It’s all part of our mission to protect families across America – one family at a time.

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