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BOSLLA LED headlight bulb

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BOSLLA is the world’s first multi-color LED headlight bulb that works perfectly in rainy, foggy, snowy, and sunny weather.


We provide not only safe driving, but also fun driving at night.


Researching the common LED headlight products on the market and you’ll find lots of LED headlights without good quality: exaggerated fake specifications, hard to install and perform even worse than original halogen bulbs. With 12-year experience in auto lighting industry, we spent a whole year on research and design and finally released our first product – BOSLLA Bullet Series on Kickstarter.

BOSLLA’s frog-like logo represents cars with no accident. Frogs are known as night vision champions with unique ability to see colors in the dark. That’s where we took a cue from the incredible abilities of frogs to develop a lighting product for your car that guides you through the darkness.


Brighten your way with BOSLLA. We will be the best eyes for your car, keeping you safe and bringing you fun, till the destination.