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Heated Socks for Men/WomenDr. Prepare Grow Light for Indoor Plants, Tri Head Timing LED Grow Light with Red & Blue Spectrum, 6 Dimmable Levels, Adjustable Gooseneck, Auto On/Off 3/9/12H Timers, 3 Switch Modes for Indoor Plants

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Welcome To Practical Preppers

For over 10 years, Practical Preppers has been providing off-grid living solutions to families everywhere. Our passion is to help others establish their off-grid “oasis” that they can depend on and thrive in even during a disaster or emergency. In addition to consultations and installations, we also offer an online store that is a one-stop-stop for independent living. So whether you are preparing ahead for emergencies, living in a remote area, or just pursuing a more sustainable lifestyle in general, Practical Preppers is where you need to be!


Ways That You Should Prepare

There are several ways that you can prepare your family to safely endure an emergency situation. Below are the areas that everyone should consider.


What we do 

From our most-loved tower fans for the burning heat to the popular heated apparel that braves the chill, our product development’s motivation remains unchanged. That is, by integrating advanced thermal and cooling technology with user-centered design, we strive to deliver a wide range of efficient DC-powered electric devices for application in homes, businesses, journeys, and more. With this philosophy as our backbone, we are confident to offer you affordable products without sacrificing quality and convenience.


Our Products

Prepare for your holiday, outdoor camping, weather wherever you are indoor or outdoor.

http://Practical Preppers Store

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Simple design, fast delivery and local warehouse. We are willing to help.