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Early 1946 Chevy Stake Bed Truck

Tactical Gear

Listing Information:

Year: 1946

Make: Chevrolet

Make: pick up

Exterior: Black

Interior: blue

Transmission: Standard

Mileage: Unkown

Listing Contact:

jim or Dave
Location: st louis, mo 65024, US

Request Info:


    1946 Chevy Stake Bed Truck 



    Schollmeyer Auto Salvage
    5047 Highway 100,
    Chamois, MO 65024
    (573) 763-5352

    Has engine and Transmission

    Engine is from the era a 216 straight six cylinder

    Bed looked solid now  being used for storage

    Interior is ok

    Has most glass


    In  1946 returned to pre-war assembly numbers building over 300,000 trucks in 1946, compared to 36,000 in 1945. Pickup sizes included 1/2-ton, 3/4-ton, 1-ton and 1 1/4-ton, and designs were based on the 1941 models, the final year of full production before the war. Wheelbase  size increased by 10.25 inches per weight class. For example: a 1/2-ton truck’s wheelbase measured 115 inches, a 3/4-ton’s was 125.25 inches and a 1-ton’s was 134.5 inches

     Eight different models of 1/2-ton pickups were available, from 1/2 to 1-ton.