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1967 was the beginning of the first generation of Firebirds


The Pontiac Firebird was produced from 1967 to 2002. It was introduced in February, 1967, which was the same year as the Chevrolet Camaro. General Motors, Pontiac’s parent company, used the name Firebird in their Firebird in the 1950’s.


1967 was the beginning of the first generation of Firebirds, and is easily recognizable by its Coke bottle styling and slit tail lights. From ’67 to’69 both the convertible and the 2-door hardtop were available. The 1967 Pontiac Firebird base model had a Chevrolet 230 cu SOHC inline-6 and a 165 horse power single-barrel carburetor. Popular with the buyers was the V8 326 cu with a 250 hp two-barrel carburetor ; the High Output engine with the same displacement and a 4-barrel carburetor with 285 hp; or the 400 cu with 325 hp. The 4-barrel was actually from the GTO. From 1967 to 1968 the 400 cu engines had throttle restrictors. Another option available was a Ram Air package , which gave the car functional hood scoops, a different camshaft, and higher flow heads with strong valve springs. This package kicked the engine up to 5200 RPMs.


In 1968 the Chevrolet 250 cu stroked 230 Cl engine replaced the 230 CID engine. The 326 CID engine was replaced by the Pontiac 350 cu V8, producing 265hp with a 2-barrel carburetor. Also, a High Output version of the 350 CID with revised cam and 320 hp was introduced. A Ram Air IV option for the 400 CID engine with 345 hp came in 1969, complementing the Ram Air III which produced 335 hp.


In 1968 the Pontiac Firebird now had the Federally-mandated side marker lights. The turn signals for the front of the car were now larger and extended, wrapping around the front edge of the vehicle. ON the back, the V-shaped Pontiac Arrowhead logo was added to each side. There was now a single pane of glass and Astro Ventilation on the front doors.


With its combination of limited production numbers and significance as the birth of the American sports car, the C1 Corvette is arguably the most coveted and collectible of all the Corvette generations. The good news for the C1 enthusiast is that Eckler’s specializes in C1 Corvette parts and has been a trusted source for more than 50 years. We have all the C1 Corvette parts you need to restore your C1 Corvette to as new condition. And, we have the C1 Corvette parts to keep your classic piece of Americana maintained and tuned to perfection.


In 1969 the Pontiac Firebird got a major design overhaul, with a new front end, new instrument panel and steering wheel, and a relocating of the ignition switch from the dashboard to the steering column. This was also the year the new locking ignition switch/steering wheel was introduced. The “Trans Am Performance and Appearance Package”, UPC “WS4” was introduced. It was named after the Trans Am Series. This $725 optional handing package, and of these Trans Ams, only 689 hardtops and 8 convertibles were produced.

The 1969 Firebirds were produced into 1970 due to a delay in the introduction of the 1970 model.



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