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Muscle Motors

We are a performance automotive machine shop specializing in Mopar.

We are located just north of Lake Lansing road at 2085 Glenn Street, Lansing Michigan (USA) 48906

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Muscle Motors offers CNC porting for the majority of Mopar heads! We have programs for Edelbrock, Indy, B1, Stage V Hemi and Predator. CNC porting assures perfect, equal ports every time. We have three different vendors for CNC work to assure prompt service. Please contact us for details!

451/400’s in Stock!

451/400 block engine. Stock 440 steel crank with machined mains and chamfered counterweights to fit 400 block. Stock 440 rods are resized and feature ARP bolts. Rods are bushed to 0.990 pin size and the beams are polished. This engine includes: ICON forged pistons, Michigan 77 bearings, Melling oil pump, Hemi 6 pt oil pan, Muscle Motors custom grind cam and Comp Cam lifters and timing chain. Factory 452 casting heads feature our Stage I bowl porting and 214×181 stainless steel valves. Non-adjustable stamped steel rockers, Crane hydraulic cam valve springs, Fel Pro gaskets throughout. Edelbrock Performer RPM intake, and chrome Moroso valves covers complete this package.

The block is race prepped: bored and honed with deck plate, align honed, parallel decked, with new cam bearings, brass freeze plugs, and bronze distributor bushing installed. The engine is professionally assembled and comes with a build sheet. The engine has also been run on the dyno to break in the cam and tuned for optimum power. Dyno sheets are provided upon request. The engine is complete from intake to oil pan. Accessories are available for this engine at an additional cost.

Regularly price $7799
2 available @ the sale price $6999
These engines make over 500 HP and 525 ft/lbs of torque.