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OKP.COM was Founded in 2007, who was a large enterprise focused on the manufacture of automotive filters. As the development of the Internet, the world’s business model step into a new era – e-commerce era.

The rapid development of e-commerce, but also lead to a lot of non-professional, poor service companies join in the e-commerce sales model, seriously affecting the user’s experience. OKP.COM creation, in the factory QC’s participation, strictly control the quality of all products to ensure that customer would obtain wonderful experience.

Who We Are

Which operates OKP.COM , consist of a group of vibrant young people with a global perspective. The core management has more than 10 years of experience in e-commerce sales. OKP.COM has a deep factory background, we are the first e-commerce site gathering many factories in China to involve in online sale directly, we are committed to build factories to consumers model that lead to a good consumer experience.