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Skill handed down from Generation to Generation.



It began with a father and son who left Riga, Latvia to escape religious persecution. After passing through Ellis Island, they boarded a train going west and got off when the land looked like Latvian farm country. They had discovered Omaha, Nebraska, their new home.



After settling in Omaha, J.J. and B.A. started working in the only business they knew – the meat business. They toiled in several markets around Omaha before founding their own company in 1917. B.A. bought a building in downtown. At the time, the space was a carpentry shop called Table Supply Company. He moved a cooler and a freezer into the building, and on the front sign, he nudged the “CO” of company to the right and inserted the word “Meat.”



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Hence, we embarked on our journey under the name, “Table Supply Meat Company.”


Omaha Steaks began as a small-scale butcher shop in downtown Omaha. From there, we grew rapidly. B.A.’s son, Lester Simon, joined the company in 1929. His leadership accelerated our growth, expanding our reach through cross-country foodservice partnerships, which put Omaha Steaks on the menus of railroad dining cars and troop transport trains. This exposure brought us widespread renown.


In 1953, we initiated our first mail order ventures, and by 1966, our notoriety had reached global proportions. It was then that the brand embraced a new name, Omaha Steaks International. Today we remain one of the world’s most esteemed meat purveyors.


Our omni-channel approach to marketing has its roots in teleservices and mailing, but true to our innovative spirit, customers can now connect with us through all manner of diverse channels, from direct response television to social media and mobile apps.

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http://10% Off and Free Shipping on Orders Over $159