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KOAN AK Anchorage AM 10:00pm – Midnight Sunday
KOAN AK Anchorage FM 10:00pm – Midnight Sunday
KRSM AK Kenai AM 7:00 – 8:00am Saturday
WEKI AL Decatur AM 4:00-7:00pm Sunday
WEKI AL Decatur FM 4:00-7:00pm Sunday
WGEA AL Dothan AM 4:00-6:00m Sunday
WFPA AL Fort Paine AM 10:00-11:00AM Saturday
WGEA AL Geneva AM 4:00-6:00PM Sunday
WTKI AL Huntsville AM 4:00-7:00PM Sunday
WTKI AL Huntsville FM 4:00-7:00pm Sunday
WVNN AL Huntsville FM 10:00-12:00PM Sunday
WAVH AL Mobile FM 11:00-1:00 PM Saturday
WFEB AL Sylacauga AM 10:00-11:00AM Sunday
KUOA AR Fayetteville AM 10:00-12:00PM Saturday
KUOA AR Fayetteville FM 10:00-12:00PM Saturday
KXAR AR Hope AM 10:00-12:00PM Saturday
KBHS AR Hot Springs AM 10:00-12:00PM Saturday
KRVZ AZ Springerville AM 9:00-11:00AM Sunday
KJZN CA Fresno AM 8:00-10:00AM Sunday
KMYC CA Marysville AM 8:00-10:00AM Sunday
KIXW CA Victor Valley AM 8:00-10:00AM Saturday
KSKE CO Buena Vista AM 12:00-1:00PM Saturday
KREL CO Colorado Springs AM 12:00-1:00PM Saturday
KRCN CO Longmont-Denver 50KW AM 12:00-1:00PM Saturday
KVLE CO Vail AM 12:00-1:00PM Saturday
WFLN FL Arcadia AM 5:00-8:00PM Sunday
WFDM FL Fort Walton Beach AM 10:00-12:00PM Saturday
WFDM FL Fort Walton Beach FM 10:00-12:00PM Saturday
WLKF FL Jasper AM 6:00-8:00PM Saturday
WIXC FL Melbourne AM 11:00-1:00 PM Sunday
WEBY FL Milton-Pensacola AM 10:00-12:00PM Sunday
WCFO GA Atlanta 50KW AM 8:00-10:00PM Saturday
WGIG GA Brunswick AM 11:00-1:00 PM Sunday
WGRA GA Cairo AM 12:00-1:00PM Sunday
WYXC GA Cartersville AM 11:00-12:00PM Saturday
WDDQ GA Valdosta FM 11:00-1:00 PM Sunday
KCPS IA Burlington AM 6:00-8:00AM Sunday
KASI IA Des Moines AM 11:00-12:00PM Saturday
KSPT IA Sandpoint AM 9:00-11:00AM Sunday
KXEL IA Waterloo – Non-Directional 50KW AM 4:00-7:00pm Sunday
KBFI ID Bonner’s Ferry AM 9:00-11:00AM Saturday
KBLI ID Idaho Falls AM 9:00-11:00AM Saturday
KBLY ID Idaho Falls AM 9:00-11:00AM Saturday
KSPT ID Sandpoint AM 9:00-11:00AM Sunday
WSDI IL Chicago IT 7:00-9:00pm Monday
WSPL IL Streator AM 5:00-7:00PM Sunday
WPRS IN Terre Haute AM 10:00-12:00PM Saturday
KQAM KS Wichita AM 10:00-12:00PM Saturday
WKDP KY Corbin AM 11:00-12:00PM Sunday
KPEL LA Lafayette FM 10:00-12:00PM Sunday
KVOL LA Lafayette LA 11:00-12:00PM Sunday
KEEL LA Shreveport 50Kw AM 8:00-10:00PM Saturday
WDIS MA Norfolk AM 11:00-1:00 PM Sunday
WBAE ME Portland AM 6:00-8:00AM Sunday
WVAE ME Portland AM 6:00-8:00PM Sunday
WHFB MI Benton Harbor AM 5:00-7:00PM Sunday
WATT MI Cadillac AM 5:00-7:00PM Sunday
WFNT MI Flint AM 11:00-12:00PM Saturday
WBCH MI Hastings AM 11:00-12:00PM Saturday
WHTC MI Holland AM 11:00-1:00 PM Sunday
WMKT MI Petoskey AM 11:00-1:00 PM Saturday
WMKT MI Traverse City FM 11:00-1:00 PM Saturday
CKLW MI Windsor-Detroit 50W AM 2:00-4:00PM Sunday
KNSI MN St. Cloud AM 10:00-12:00PM Sunday
KLID MO Poplar Bluff AM 10:00-12:00PM Saturday
KSIS MO Sedalia AM 4:00-7:00pm Sunday
KWPM MO West Plains AM 10:00-12:00PM Saturday
WFMM MS Laurel-Hattiesburg AM 10:00-12:00PM Saturday
KBOZ MT Bozeman AM 9:00-11:00AM Sunday
WGAI NC Nags Head AM 11:00-1:00 PM Sunday
WSIC NC-SC Charlotte-Gastonia-Rock Hill AM 11:00-1:00 PM Sunday
WSPC NC-SC Charlotte-Gastonia-Rock Hill AM 11:00-1:00 PM Saturday
KTGO ND Minot AM 9:00-11:00AM Sunday
KINN NM Alamagordo AM 9:00-11:00AM Sunday
KCVL NM Clovis AM 9:00-11:00AM Sunday
KOBE NM Las Cruces AM 9:00-11:00AM Sunday
KZBI NV Elko AM 2:00-5:00PM Sunday
KZBI NV Elko FM 2:00-5:00PM Sunday
WAUB NY Auburn AM 12:00-2:00Pm Sunday
WGVA NY Geneva AM 12:00-2:00Pm Sunday
WAUB NY Geneva AM 12:00-2:00Pm Sunday
WLKW NY Jamestown FM 11:00-1:00 PM Saturday
WAUB NY Melrose Park AM 12:00-2:00Pm Sunday
WYBG NY Messena AM 11:00-1:00 PM Sunday
WVNJ NY New York, NY – Market #1 AM 7:00-9:00PM Sunday
WFBL NY Syracuse AM 11:00-12:00PM Sunday
WMCR NY Syracuse AM 11:00-12:00PM Sunday
WCIT OH Lima AM 11:00-1:00 PM Saturday
KSEO OK Durant AM 10:00-12:00PM Saturday
KFLS OR Klamath Falls AM 8:00-9:00AM Sunday
KPAM OR Portlanf 50KW AM 8:00-11:00PM Saturday
KTIL OR Tillamook AM 8:00-9:00AM Saturday
WBLF PA Bellfonte AM 11:00-1:00 PM Sunday
WPSN PA Honesdale AM 11:00-1:00 PM Sunday
WFYL PA King of Prussia AM 5:00-8:00PM Sunday
WEEO PA McConnelsberg FM 2:00-4:00PM Sunday
WFYL PA Philadelphia AM 5:00-7:00PM Sunday
WPYT PA Pittsburg AM 5:00-8:00Pm Sunday
WMBA PA Pittsburgh AM 11:00-1:00 PM Saturday
WBVP PA Pittsburgh AM 11:00-1:00 PM Sunday
WBLF PA State College AM 5:00-8:00PM Sunday
WNAE PA Warren AM 11:00-1:00 PM Saturday
WWPA PA Williamport AM 11:00-1:00 PM Sunday
WISW SC Columbia AM 11:00-12:00PM Sunday
WAIM SC Greenville-Spartanburg AM 11:00-12:00PM Saturday
WKCE TN Knoxville AM 10:00-12:00PM Sunday
KFNA TX Abilene AM 10:00-12:00PM Saturday
KACT TX Andrews AM 10:00-12:00PM Sunday
KQTY TX Borger AM 4:00-7:00pm Sunday
KJMT TX Mountain Home FM 5:00-7:00PM Saturday
KZNU UT St George AM 10:00-12:00PM Sunday
KZNU UT St. George FM 10:00-12:00PM Sunday
WFNR VA Blacksburg AM 11:00-12:00PM Saturday
WLEE VA Richmond AM 11:00-1:00 PM Sunday
KFLD WA Richland-Kennewick-Pasco AM 8:00-9:00AM Saturday
KBBO WA Yakima AM 8:00-9:00AM Sunday
WI Eau Claire AM 10:00-11:00AM Saturday
WI Rhinelander AM 10:00-12:00PM Saturday
WV Parkersburg-Marietta AM 11:00-1:00 PM Saturday
WY Worland AM 9:00-11:00AM Sunday