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8 Track Repair Center

8 Track Repair Center


Restoration of 8 track and combination radio/8 track units with a lifetime warranty on work performed. We are the world’s only 8 track repair shop with brand new motors in quantity for 8 track machines.


Our prices depict BASIC restoration which covers roughly 80% of all 8 track and radio problems.

Special circumstances such as a worn-out motor, tape playback head or a burned-up audio output transformer – and ESPECIALLY a bent or broken control changes the status of a job to:

INTERMEDIATE restorations receive all parts and procedures in basic, plus a new motor, OR a new tape playback head, or extensive electronic troubleshooting of the radio or 8 track section.  Intermediate
restorations will generally add approximately $50 to the currently advertised price.

ADVANCED restorations require more than one of the Intermediate items – such as if the unit has both a bad motor and a weak playback head – or, say, a bad motor and no output on the right side, etc. ¬†A single bent broken control can immediately impose ADVANCED status on a customer’s unit.

Advanced jobs can run much longer than the target ship date and cost substantially more.

We are happy to “finish” jobs from other shops – we will take it completely apart, undo what they did, fix it our way, charge you for a full restoration and give it the warranty they can’t.