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The Car Guy has been writing articles about the drivers and their cars for years. The Cars and Cruisers web site was the most popular part of the Downtown Mooresville Car Show website. Cars and Cruisers is now available on the Car Guy website featuring new Stories and old.

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Car Guy DVDs Complete DVD Catalog

The Car Guy has created over 40 Car Show DVDs. View the complete Car Guy DVD Catalog. Click Here

About the “Car Guy”

The “Car Guy” has been making memories through the lenses of cameras for over fifty years. After making countless photos, albums, slides and videos, he is now concentrating on DVDs of car shows for “Car Guys” and “Car Girls” to enjoy.


About Car Guy DVD’s

Car Guy DVDs are DVDs featuring car shows in slide show format with 20 different motion filled transitions. The DVDs make it possible to enjoy the cars and memories of many car shows anytime of the day or night and regardless of the weather.


Many customers participate in events with their own cars, but don’t get to enjoy all the other cars at the events. The DVD’s have a lot of images of cars and create the memories of the old show car magazines. The Cars are the Stars in these DVDs

The Car Guy DVDs feature car shows from North Carolina, Nevada and California.

Total length is between 1 hr to 1 hr 20 min

DVDs are slide shows of still images with background music.


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