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Rebuilder and supplier of heater cores for most classic, antique or vintage cars’

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Here is a little history about myself and Classic Heaters.

I have always been involved with “old” cars. I got my first car a year before I even got my license. It was a 1954 Chevy BelAir. I should say “It is” because I still own it. I got it in 1977 and learned a lot about cars by screwing up while trying to fix it up. Right about the time I got it on the road in my junior year in high school I got my second car (that I still own), a 1959 Ford Fairlane 500 Galaxie.


Even at that young and stupid age I realized that It would help my interest in old cars if I got into the automotive business. In my senior year of high school I started working at a local radiator shop as a helper. By 1984 I was the owner of my own and on my way. Being the owner of a business actually slowed down my restoration efforts on my own cars due to the never-ending hours involved in running a radiator shop. Some years went by where very little was accomplished on my two projects but I never gave up on them. The Chevy was my everyday car until about 1984 and the Ford has been on the road since about 1985.


In 2001 I began going to major swap-meets again after a long period of uninvolvement in any old car related activities. As I browsed through a Hemmings I realized that there was no one advertising the repair or recoring of heater cores for classic and antique cars. Knowing that many radiator shops across the country are closing their doors due to competition from auto parts stores and the perception that plastic tank radiators cannot be repaired I saw what I felt would be an increasing demand for an “old fashioned” radiator shop. There are many repair facilities that call themselves a radiator shop but all they do is sell new radiators and heater cores and don’t even have a torch anymore. Customers that live in rural areas may be hundreds of miles from anyone that can help them when it comes to an antique heater core.


The answer to that problem is Classic Heaters. If you can get to a post office, UPS location or any pack-n-ship store we can help you. As parts manufacturers discontinue production of parts for the older cars we will fill the need for personalized service in this specialized area of the classic and antique car hobby.


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