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The Hartford has fair pricing for classic vehicle insurance so we gave them a free ad to let you know. Check out their website.


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Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. ET


Your Collector Car Deserves Customized Coverage


If you have a classic car, the AARP® Auto Insurance Program from The Hartford  has the policy for you. Through American Modern Insurance Group, we offer antique and classic car insurance designed specifically to protect the unique cars that are so important to you at an affordable rate. Get a classic car insurance quote today by calling 1-800-555-2510 to learn more.


Classic Car Insurance Discounts


Your classic car or antique vehicle is eligible for a lot of the same discounts on insurance as “everyday” cars. For example, you may qualify for discounts if you have an anti-theft device in your car, if you take an approved defensive driver course, or if you have other auto or home insurance policies with The Hartford.


Classic Car Insurance Coverage


With classic car insurance from The Hartford, the amount of coverage needed to repair or replace your antique or classic car is determined using it’s “actual cash value” (ACV) – also known as fair market value.


Questions About Classic & Antique Auto Insurance
What Is Agreed Value?


Some classic auto insurance providers state the coverage amount – to repair or replace the vehicle – in a policy based on agreed value. Agreed value is typically derived from documentation like appraisals, photographs and receipts which the insurance company and policyholder use to come to an agreement on the value of the antique or classic car.


What Is the Difference Between an Antique & Classic Auto?


The Hartford defines an antique auto as being manufactured at least 25 years ago, and driven primarily in parades and exhibitions, and infrequently for other purposes. The Hartford defines a classic auto as a motor vehicle of the private passenger type which is 10 or more years old and may be used on a regular basis. Its value is significantly higher than the average value of other autos of the same make and model year.


Is Antique Auto Coverage Restricted to Parades & Exhibitions?


No. While The Hartford’s Antique Auto coverage is designed to cover your antique autos’ use primarily in car club activities, exhibitions, parades and other functions, it also covers you if you need to infrequently use your antique auto for other purposes.

Coverage is subject to policy terms, conditions, limitations, exclusions, underwriting review and approval, and may not be available for all risks or in all states. Rates and discounts vary, are determined by many factors and are subject to change.


This Program is underwritten by one of the licensed insurers of American Modern Insurance Group, Inc., including American Southern Home Insurance Company in FL and LA, Consumer County Mutual Insurance Company in TX, American Family Home Insurance Company d/b/a AFH Insurance Company (Lic. No 2961-1) in CA, and American Modern Home Insurance Company in all other states, through Nutmeg Insurance Agency Inc. Nutmeg Insurance Agency Inc. is an affiliate of Hartford Fire Insurance Company, One Hartford Plaza, Hartford, CT 06155. Hartford Fire Insurance Company and its affiliates are not financially responsible for insurance products underwritten and issued by the insurance companies of American Modern Insurance Group, Inc.


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